In this course, students will utilize scientific practices to gain knowledge of the overarching concepts related to physical science.  Linear motion, forces, vectors, projectiles, universal gravitation, and energy are the main concepts explored during this semester.   The curriculum integrates critical thinking, experimental design, and laboratory skills. These skills will be developed using mathematical modeling, data interpretation, and graphical analysis.

This Physics course requires a basic understanding of algebra. Students will find conceptual questions along with mathematical problems assigned throughout the lessons. For support students are expected to communicate with other students as well as the instructor. Because laboratory activities are essential to  science courses, students are required to complete experiments at home with simple household items or through computer simulations. Overall, the course's main goal is to provide the students with  appreciation for physics in the real world.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry or IPC is an entry-level high school science course. Basic concepts in both physics and chemistry will be addressed through a number of methods. Each lesson includes PowerPoint notes, informative web sites, interesting videos, 2-3 lab activities, and review questions. The course is suitable for students from junior high to high school.